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Sponsorship 2023
4 sponsorship Exams you must apply in 2023

In this blog you will learn about four such companies (Maersk, MSc, Fleet, Synergy) which are conducting sponsorship exams for IMU-CET aspirants in 2023. It won’t be wrong if we call them dream companies to work with for sailors. In this blog you will learn about the eligibility criteria as well as the Application process for their sponsorship exams. 

Cruise Companies
Top 10 Cruise Line Companies of the World

Cruise ships are large passenger ships used mainly for vacation purposes. These ships allow you to visit different ports of the world including shore excursions. Cruising has become a major part of the tourism industry which carries around 19 million passengers worldwide in a year. 

Everything You Need to Know about IMU-CET 2023

The merchant navy is the backbone of a country’s international trade as well as its import-export business. To transport and deliver commodities from one country to another, merchant navy ships employ a large number of people every year.