21 Free Mobile Apps Seafarers Must Have: Smart Sailing Checklist

1 May, 2022

21 Free Mobile Apps Seafarers Must Have: Smart Sailing Checklist

Smartphone apps for seafarers have become an essential part of their life, both onshore and on land. Mobile apps have definitely changed the way we communicate, organize and remember things in daily life. 

Seafarers are always in danger of difficulties that they are frequently unaware of when traveling to undiscovered regions, unknown nations, and new situations. With minimum resources and almost no help, they rely on the information available on the internet. Again, internet onboard also is no less of an issue. 

Thus, below we have listed down 21 free mobile apps that seafarers can use to carry out multiple tasks on board. Most of them can be operated without the need for an active internet connection. 

21 Free Mobile Apps Seafarers Must Have 

1. ITF Seafarers – Helpline App for Seafarers

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) organization works for the betterment of seafarers. It offers an app called “ITF Seafarers”, which helps seafarers search for vessel information, contact details of ITF inspections/ affiliates, and ITF helplines. 

The data is collected and provided straight from the ITF’s centralized system and thus it is almost always up-to-date. This app is available for both iOS and Android users. 

2. ITF Shore Leave – Information for Great Shore Leave

Seafarers Centers across the world provide facilities for seafaring professionals to call home, relax, seek advice/help, and so on. Without the need for internet, ITF Shore Leave app provides vital information like nearby seafarers’ centers, reliable transportation choices, etc. This is an excellent app for seafarers visiting new sports and countries. 

3. Cargo Handbook – World’s Largest Database on Transportation of Cargoes

Cargo Handbook is the largest database for cargo transportation in the marine industry. This app is made by BMT Surveys, the app provides information to help users gain a better understanding of cargoes and their special transportation requirements, ensuring that the cargo reaches its destination in good condition.

Seafarers may not only access basic cargo descriptions, photographs, and specialized transportation needs, but they can also obtain information on shipment or storage needs including ideal temperature/humidity and moisture, as well as risk factors linked with the individual product. 

4. Anti-Shipping Activity Message (ASAM) App

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s Anti-Shipping Activity Message (ASAM) App is a useful tool that provides geographical location and reported accounts of hostile activities – piracy, robbery, hijacking, and kidnapping – against maritime ships, crews, and passengers.

When connected to internet, this app also allows users to cache, or save warning data taken from the ASAM database. Once the data is stored, the app can function without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, allowing users to read reports even when they are offline.

5. First Aid Apps

Not specifically made for seafarers, but the First Aid App developed by the American Red Cross and British Red Cross can prove to be very beneficial for Seafarers. This app provides simple and easy advice on everyday first aid scenarios. It also includes tips on how to prepare for emergencies. 

When it comes to delivering first aid and prompt response to emergencies on board, there is often a lack of information. For such cases, these apps are helpful in checking out easy first aid tips that can be used in everyday life as well in critical situations. It also consists of videos, interactive quizzes, and easy step-by-step instructions to help you learn quickly. All this information is stored on the app itself, which means that no internet connection is required to use it.

6. ReCAAP Anti-Piracy App for Seafarers

ReCAAP is an anti-piracy app that offers information on the latest piracy incidents alerts and reports. The app’s main objective is to offer the shipping community with timely and improved situation awareness, as well as to enable rapid reporting of an event to the nearest ReCAAP Focal Point/Contact Point and filing an incident report.

7. Port State Inspections Pocket Checklists App for Seafarers 

The Port State Inspections Pocket Checklist App assists seafarers in identifying the most prevalent reasons for ship detention. It is widely recognized as a valuable tool in assisting owners and operators in complying with convention needs and thereby reducing the danger of their ships being detained. 

This app allows you to read relevant legislation and regulatory requirements, save numerous checklists, check off completed tasks, add important notes or images, and share completed checklists through email. 

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8. Greenship – Environmental Calculator App for Seafarers

DNV’s Greenship – Environment Calculator Application shows the IMO requirements on CO2, NOx, SOx, and ballast water for a given ship. As the number of rules that shipping companies must follow keep on increasing every year, seafarers must consider various significant variables such as the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), NOx emissions, SOx emissions, etc. This app is a useful tool for seafarers who want to estimate the environmental impact of their ships. The only downside of this app is that it is presently available only for iOS users.

9. Equasis – Database of Ships and Shipping Companies

If you are looking for information regarding a particular ship or shipping company, you should certainly try out Equasis. It is a complete database of all sea-going commercial ships with a gross tonnage of more than 100GT (Gross Tonnage), as well as the corporations that run and own them.

More than 45 distinct data suppliers from the public sector and the marine industry fuel the Equasis database. Every week, almost 70% of the whole data is revised. It includes class and statutory certifications, PSC inspections, P&I, associations and vetting programs, ship’s particulars, etc.

10. ILO MLC Pocket Checklist – A Must Have App for Seafarers

The ILO MLC Pocket Checklist provides an interactive list of all ILO MLC terminology and criteria. The software allows sailors to tick off activities as they do them. This is a must-have app for every seafarer who works on a ship.

11. Hazcheck DGL Lite – Information on Dangerous Goods

Hazcheck DGL Lite is a free database that provides IMDG Code information from the dangerous products list. The app has been updated to IMDG code Amendment 36-12. The app is a valuable reference tool for handling risky goods at sea. 

12. ISM and ISPS Pocket Checklist – Avoid Ship Detentions

All mariners must be familiar with the ISM and ISPS conventions. Detections by Port State Control due to ISM failures are becoming more regular, as authorities put faults together to justify holding the ship. The ISM and ISPS Pocket Checklist App is an excellent checklist for all critical elements to maintain safety at sea, the prevention of human harm or loss of life, and the avoidance of environmental damage.

13. Maritime World Ports

The maritime world ports app provides a comprehensive database of ports from around the world. You may find the appropriate port by searching by nation or port search choices, which is supported by swift searching tool tips. In the app, you’ll also find information like harbor characteristics by size and type, water depth, port website, etc. This is indeed a fantastic app for exploring the ports you visit.

14. Duolingo – Language Learning App for Seafarers

Working on ships involves connecting with individuals from all over the world, each with their own culture and language. The concern of language barriers among sailors has been addressed multiple times in the past. Often, many individuals in various nations do not speak or understand English. 

If you’re going to such locations, wouldn’t it be great to learn a new language, at least the basics, whenever you have some free time? Duolingo is one such app that aids in the learning of new languages. Try it out; this software makes language learning simple and enjoyable.

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15. Currency Converter App

Seafarers frequently switch between nations and time zones. With every new port comes new currency. Therefore, a currency converter app that provides the latest currency rates is necessary for seafarers. The XE currency converter app provides real-time proprietary currency rates, charts, and even saves the most recently updated rates, allowing it to function even when the Internet is unavailable. 

It is one of the most popular currency converter app accessible online, with a plethora of functions that may be incredibly useful to seafarers. There is a “pro” version as well, however, the “free” version meets practically all of your needs.

16. Marpol Pocket Checklist

With increased environmental concerns and severe environmental rules, it is more necessary than ever for sailors to know the MARPOL standards like the back of their hands. The Lloyd’s Register Group and UK P&I Club’s Marpol Pocket Checklist app outlines the most prevalent defects specified by the MARPOL annexes to assist seagoing professionals in complying with the international convention criteria. 

The software allows you to read required legislation and regulatory requirements, store numerous checklists, check off completed tasks, add important notes, and share the checklists with others via email. 

17. Marine Fire Safety Pocket Checklist

This is another app developed by Llyod’s register in partnership with UK P&I Club. The app attempts to lessen the likelihood of port state control detentions by providing crew members with a checklist and useful advice. 

The Marine Fire Safety Pocket Checklist consists of 32 items where deficiencies are most usually identified, 30 certifications and documentation that must be carried on board, and 15 useful tips to help ensure the ship complies with international convention criteria. The checklist has been easily organized by unique ship region so that individual crew members may take responsibility for the part of the ship over which they have authority. 

18. Seafarers’ Rights App

The Seafarers’ Rights mobile app, developed by Seafarers’ Rights International (SRI), provides instant assistance to seafarers who are experiencing legal issues involving their rights. The software is intended to work offline so that mariners may access information at any time and from any location in the world. It works with the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry smartphones.

The app also includes a unique ‘Find a Lawyer’ tool that provides instant access to a database of lawyers worldwide who have signed up to SRI Charter – a statement of good practice in the provision of legal services to seafarers – and who may be able to assist seafarers facing criminal prosecution.

19. CDC TravWell App

Seafarers understand the necessity of careful planning before overseas travel more than anybody else. Even if they are accustomed to regular travel, there are several details that are sometimes forgotten. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Travewell Mobile App assists in the planning of safe and healthy overseas travel. 

Create a trip to receive destination-specific vaccination recommendations, a checklist of things to do to prepare for travel, and a personalized healthy travel packing list. You may also use the app to store travel documentation, keep track of your prescriptions and immunizations, and schedule reminders to obtain vaccination booster doses or take medications while on the road.

20. Ship Finder

Ship Finder is a mobile app that seafarers can use to track ships on a map. It is a very user-friendly app that can be easily accessed. Just a single tap on a ship on the map and all the information that you need will be available on the screen. It will include the picture, name, type, dimensions, etc of the ship. This application is available both for Android and iOS users.

21. My-Ankaa 

Being a seafarer, if you haven’t downloaded this app on your phone, we suggest you do it right away. Through the sea service review, the app will undoubtedly change the way you manage and deliver your records to the workplace, efficiently look at how much time you spend at each vessel, and so much more.

When you create your profile, your CV is generated automatically. You can send this to the agency or workplace by clicking on the button without using your information. You will also get alerts and changes to the expiration document as soon as they become available.

Dive into unknown oceans with these known technologies!

To sum up, the above listed apps will help you live on the sea and deal with everyday issues in a better manner. If you are aware of any other apps, let us know in the comments!

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