What are the duties of Deck Cadet on Merchant Ships

9 January, 2024

What are the duties of Deck Cadet on Merchant Ships

Here in this blog we will gonna see a complete deep knowledge about Duties of Deck cadet on a ship.

Who is Deck Cadet on Ship

Before we understand who is Deck Cadet it is important to know there are two types of cadet on Merchant Ships. They are also called “Trainees Officer”. A trainee goes through a structured program to become an officer in the maritime industry. 

Both the engine and deck departments of merchant ships frequently employ cadetships. Each cadet follows a different career path; there are deck cadets and engine cadets. 

In addition to receiving instruction and getting ready for their future careers as officers on ships, these cadets are usually enrolled in maritime academies or training facilities.

What is Difference between a Deck Cadet & Engine Cadet

Deck Cadet:

Trainees who wish  to work as deck officers or navigating officers on ships are called  deck cadets. They go through a structured training program that combines classroom theory with real-world hands-on training aboard merchant ships. Under the direction of more seasoned officers, deck cadets participate in watchkeeping, navigation, cargo operations, and other deck-related responsibilities.

Getting the training and experience at sea required to advance to officer ranks like Second Officer, Chief Officer, and eventually Master, is the ultimate aim of a deck cadet.

Engine Cadet:

Trainees with the goal of becoming engineering officers on ships are called engine cadets. Like deck cadets, they go through an extensive training program that blends classroom instruction with hands-on training in a ship’s engine room. Engine cadets perform tasks pertaining to the machinery and propulsion systems of the ship, including maintenance, repair, and operation.

An engine cadet’s long-term goal is to obtain the certifications and sea time required to move up to higher engineering officer ranks, like third engineer, fourth engineer, and so forth.

What are the Duties of Deck Cadet on Merchant Ships

A range of tasks are assigned to deck cadets on merchant ships as part of their training to become navigation officers. These responsibilities are intended to give them practical knowledge and hands-on experience with ship navigation and deck operations. 

Explanation of the duties of a deck cadet

1. Navigation Duties:

Chart Work: Plotting courses, calculating distances, and using navigational charts are skills that deck cadets must learn. To have a knowledge of correction and updating the Charts and publication. 

Position Fixing: Deck cadets assist in locating the ship’s position using a variety of navigational aids, such as GPS, radar, and sextants, while working under supervision.

Watchkeeping: During their designated watch hours, cadets assist in navigation-related tasks, keep a proper lookout, and monitor the ship’s course as part of the navigation watch team.

2.Cargo Operations:

Loading and Unloading: Deck cadets may assist with loading and unloading operation of cargo, assuring safe cargo stowage and security, depending on the type of cargo carried.

Documentation for Cargo: Deck Cadets also assist senior officers  in keeping track of documents of cargo operations, such as cargo manifests, loading schedules, and other data.

3. Safety and Emergency Procedures:

Safety Drills: Participate in regular safety drills, including abandon ship, fire drills, and man overboard exercises and other ship safety drills.

Emergency Response: Get familiar with emergency response protocols, such as using firefighting(FFA) and life-saving appliances(LSA), into practice.

4. Watchkeeping and Lookout:

Maintaining a Proper Lookout: Deck cadets are responsible for maintaining a continuous and vigilant lookout to detect any potential hazards or other vessels near vicinity.

Monitoring Instruments: Deck cadets should  monitor and record navigational instruments and Bridge equipment during  navigational watch hours and should have clear knowledge about the equipment’s.

5. Maintenance and Housekeeping:

Deck Maintenance: Participate in routine maintenance of the ship’s deck, including chipping , painting, cleaning and general upkeep of deck areas.

Mooring and Anchoring Operations: Assist in mooring and anchoring operations while entering or departing from port as directed by senior officers.

6. Communication:

Bridge Communication: Develop effective communication skills on the bridge, including the use of VHF radio and other communication equipment.

7. Learning Regulations and Procedures:

Familiarization with Regulations: A Cadet must learn, understand and should have knowledge about international maritime regulations, the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), and other relevant conventions such as MARPOL Convention and MARPOL Annexes and procedures.

8. Documentation:

Logbook Entries: A cadet should be well versed with  Maintenance of the ship’s logbook, recording navigational data, events, and relevant information during the voyage.

9. Assisting Officers:

Bridge Team Assistance: Deck Cadet Assist senior deck officers in various bridge-related activities, gaining exposure to the overall operation of the vessel.

10. Learning and Training:

Training Courses: Attend additional training courses as required to enhance knowledge and skills, including safety training and certifications. The courses are designed to provide theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and hands-on experience necessary for performing duties related to navigation, safety, and overall ship operations.