How to Prepare for G.P. Rating Exam: Tips, Notes, & Sample Test Links

28 April, 2022

How to Prepare for G.P. Rating Exam

What is G.P. Rating Course? A Brief Overview:

G.P. Rating (General Purpose Rating) is a 6-month entry-level course to join the merchant navy as a Deck or Engine Rating after passing Senior Secondary/10th STD exams. This course consists of pre-sea training, which is the training provided before boarding a ship.

It is a residential course where you’ll be staying at your selected institute for a duration of 6 months and will learn about various aspects of marine life including swimming, physical drills, workshop training, rope and mast climbing, usage of life-saving appliances, firefighting exercises, ship visits, etc. After the training, final external examinations are conducted by the Board of Examination of Seafarers (BES) under D.G. Shipping (Govt of India).

Once candidates clear their exam, they receive their INDIAN CDC and are eligible for their Onboard training which will begin on the ship.

In this blog, we’ll see some tips on how to prepare for the final G.P. rating exam. Also, we’ll provide you with a summarised course PDF for preparing for the examination. The PDF consists of 16 chapters concised in just 58 pages! 

You’ll learn about all the important aspects that are asked in the examination in the easiest language, graphics, tables, charts, and more.

It’s absolutely FREE of cost and you can download it in just one click from the link given.

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But first, here are some tips to prepare for your exam while completing your 6 months of training in the institute itself.

Tips to prepare for your Final G.P. Rating Exam:

1. Be attentive in your pre-sea training

While you are still completing your pre-sea training, it is advisable to stay attentive. In the duration of 6 months, you will learn a lot about the maritime industry and different aspects of marine life. These months are the foundation of your merchant navy career and thus, you should be focused during the entire period of your course.

2. Learn about equipments

Make notes on various types of equipment used on ships. It will prove to be very useful when you begin your onboard training. 

3. Do your research

As you are stepping into a whole new world of merchant navy, it is necessary to do your own research too. During your pre-sea training, try to do some self-study on various topics related to marine. It will help you stay a step ahead of other candidates in the onboard training period.

Geography-related topics that include information about major sea routes, major ports, etc. require your special attention. This data is very crucial and it is essential that you learn all these routes in your training period. 

5. Practice past question papers

Practicing past question papers is a great way of getting a grip on the kind of questions that can be asked in your final examinations. Thus, if possible, practice some past papers before appearing for the exam.

6. Study about LSAs and FFAs

Studying about Life saving appliances (LSAs) and Fire-fighting appliances (FFAs) would help you a lot in covering important questions of the exam. This knowledge will also help you in your onboard training period.

7. Have knowledge of various tools

Learn about various tools that are used on the ship. Along with it, Rope work is also an important aspect to take care of while preparing for the G.P. Rating exam.

8. Brush up your English vocabulary

As a seafarer, you might get the chance to work with people from different countries having different backgrounds. In such cases, English becomes the common communication language. Thus, it is advisable to brush up your English skills a bit which will help you both in examinations and in your maritime career.

9. Prepare self-notes

Creating notes while studying is a habit that can help you a lot while preparing for the examinations. It also helps in last minute revisions.

10. Learn about the duties you’ll be performing

Lastly, you should be aware of the duties you will be performing after completing your course. Learn about the duties of both Deck and Engine ratings. 

G.P. Rating Exam Syllabus:

The syllabus of the G.P. Rating Exam mainly consists of the following:

  • A basic grounding in the ship’s routine, its operation, legislation, and related duties
  • A good foundation in the principles of Safety, Accident Prevention, Pollution at Sea, Fire Fighting, and First Aid
  • An idea of the theory and practice of a ship’s compass and hints on steering
  • Basic knowledge of engineering, maintenance, and safe working practices
  • Knowledge regarding tools, equipment & instruments commonly found on board ships
  • Knowledge of handling Ropes, Blocks, Tackles, & Rigging
  • Practical training in handling a lifeboat and starting its diesel engine
  • Practical workshop training in Carpentry, Plumbing, Machine shop, Electrical, and Diesel Maintenance Shop & Hot work

G.P. Rating Exam Preparation Notes:

In order to help you prepare for the examination, we have made crisp notes of all the chapters included in the syllabus. We have put together these notes in a PDF that you can download for free and use at your ease.

Click the button below to download! 

After going through the notes and preparing for the exam, you can take the below sample tests to strengthen your hold on the kind of questions that will be asked in the G.P. Rating exam. 

  1. Sample G.P. Rating exam test by Asha Marine College
  2. Sample G.P. Rating exam test by BES (Board of Examinations for Seafarers trust)

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