Marine Course Category: After 10th

Certificate Course in Maritime Catering (CCMC)

CCMC is a 6-month course in the Maritime Catering and Hospitality sector. After completing the course, a few years of experience will allow you to serve as a specialist cook for different cuisines in Cruise Liners or join Star Hotels at shore.

G.P. Rating

G.P. Rating is a 6-month course authorized by D.G. Shipping. This course can be done after completing your 10th. Candidates who opt for this course are eligible to work in the Deck or Engine department in Indian as well as foreign shipping companies.

B.Sc. in Nautical Science

B.Sc in Nautical Science is a 3-year undergraduate program. The candidate becomes eligible to take up the position of navigating officer after having completed sufficient time at sea and clearing the required certificate of competency exams.