How to get sponsorship in Merchant Navy in India: A-Z Guide

10 May, 2022

How to get sponsorship in Merchant Navy in India: A-Z Guide.

Sponsorship in Merchant Navy means that you have been promised by a company that upon completion of your pre-sea course you will be trained on-board their ship and provided placement where you are also entitled to receive a stipend during your training period.

For example, In India, if you are undergoing 1 Year D.N.S (Diploma in Nautical Science), then it is mandatory to complete 18 months of training onboard ship to be eligible for some courses and to appear for 2nd Mate C.O.C examinations conducted by M.M.D, D.G Shipping, Govt. of India. So, for that 18 months of training, you need to find a company and for the D.N.S course, it has to be done before the course starts.

The process of getting Merchant Navy Sponsorship generally includes the following steps:

  • Apply for Merchant Navy Sponsorship with a good company and appear for their Assessment, Interview, and medical tests which you have to pass.
  • Apply for IMU-CET and obtain cutoff marks. IMU-CET needs to be given when you are applying for DNS, B.Sc in Nautical Science, and B.Tech in Marine Engineering. 
  • After obtaining the Merchant Navy sponsorship, you can complete your pre-sea training at a college affiliated with your company.

Now, let’s understand everything about getting sponsorship in Merchant Navy in detail.

What is sponsorship in Merchant Navy?

The term “Sponsorship” is used a bit differently in the field of Merchant Navy. It is not like other educational fields where sponsorship leads to a waiver in fees. The most common myth about Merchant Navy sponsorship is that companies or colleges will pay your academic or joining fees.

So what exactly is the meaning of sponsorship in Merchant Navy? 

In short, “Sponsorship means a “GUARANTEE OF PROVIDING JOB” by the company to the candidate after they finish their pre-sea training.”

Well, when you clear the exams and obtain a sponsorship, it means that your job (on-board training) is guaranteed once you finish your pre-sea training. It means that the fees of your on-board training is included in the academic fees itself and you won’t have to pay anything extra after completing your course. 

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You can appear for sponsorship exams in 2 cases:

  • Before beginning your pre-sea training (academic course), you can appear for sponsorship exams and then apply for admission in a sponsored college like Anglo eastern. 
  • If you have already done your course from a non-sponsored college, you can appear for sponsorship exams held by shipping companies afterward too. However, it is advisable to pursue your course from a sponsored college as it increases your chances of getting your dream job.

Difference between sponsored and non-sponsored colleges

  • Sponsored colleges

Sponsored colleges are the ones where you can get admission only after obtaining a sponsorship letter from a shipping company. These colleges generally have their own shipping company, where they send their students for on-board training. If not, they are tied up with other shipping companies to offer on-board training. 

The academic fees of sponsored colleges include the fees of on-board training, which is the reason why it is higher as compared to the fees of non-sponsored colleges. The process of getting admission in a sponsored college ensures that you will get guaranteed placement after completing your pre-sea training. 

  • Non-sponsored colleges

As opposed to sponsored colleges, you won’t be required to appear for any examination to get admission in a majority of the non-sponsored colleges. Some colleges may conduct their written tests. Non-sponsored colleges only provide pre-sea training and they don’t guarantee onboard training. Some colleges have the facility of campus placements, the reliability of which is usually low. 

The academic fees of non-sponsored colleges is much lesser than sponsored colleges as it only includes the pre-sea training amount. When you go for on-board training afterward, you will have to pay for it separately, which is usually a higher amount as compared to sponsored colleges.

Why should you get admission in a sponsored college in Merchant Navy?

As discussed above, getting admission in a sponsored college guarantees that you get on-board training after you complete your pre-sea training. In a way, it opens doors for you to get placement right after completing your course. It ensures that you set the right foot forward in making your career in the Merchant Navy.

It also eliminates the need to search for jobs after completing your course, as the shipping company guarantees to provide you with one. Clearing your sponsorship exams also increases your credibility as a candidate, as you will have to appear for exams that test your ability to work in the industry.

Thus, it is always a good option to go for sponsored colleges so that you don’t have to worry about getting a job in a competitive field where securing placement is a rather difficult and time-consuming process. 

It is highly recommended to always join the college after getting sponsorship from a reputed company as due to recession candidates who are not sponsored are struggling very hard to get a job or are cheated by agents.

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Which qualifications are needed to appear for Merchant Navy sponsorship exam?

The qualifications needed to appear for the Merchant Navy sponsorship exam is the same as the eligibility criteria required to get admission in a Merchant navy course/position that you’re applying for. For example, if you want to pursue DNS and become a deck cadet, then the eligibility criteria will be 12th PCM with a minimum of 60% marks. 

What are the tests involved in Merchant Navy sponsorship assessment?

The Merchant Navy sponsorship test consists of 4 parts:

1. Written test

In the written test, questions will be based on subjects of English, General aptitude, Physics, Chemistry, Maths. This is almost similar to the IMU-CET exam. It includes questions majorly from the 12th PCM syllabus.

2. Psychometric test

Each Shipping Company has its own way of conducting Psychometric tests with its own pattern of questions. It is more of a personality and attitude test. This is to assess the candidate’s reaction to different situations. Questions related to Mathematical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning could be included.

For e.g. “What you will do if you are asked to do an unlawful task by your superior who handles your performance reports?”. These questions seem very simple (some may seem complex). The intention is to find your real personality, work ethic, and how you will handle situations in real life.

3. Interview

General questions like “Why do you want to join Merchant Navy?”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, etc will be asked. No technical questions will be asked in the interview. However, you might be asked basic questions related to physics or maths. 

4. Medical test

A medical test is conducted to examine your constitution, skeletal system, respiratory system, digestive system, etc. But the most important thing is your eyesight. Especially if you are applying for DNS, you need to have an eyesight of 6/6 without color blindness. It is recommended to get yourself medically tested before applying and preparing for Merchant Navy sponsorship exams, because if you are not medically fit, you will not be able to join the Merchant Navy regardless of your marks in exams. 

You can learn more in detail about Physical and medical requirements to join Merchant Navy here.

What is the syllabus of written Merchant Navy sponsorship exams?

The syllabus of written exams in the Merchant Navy sponsorship test is majorly based on your 12th PCM syllabus. It will include questions on the following subjects:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • English
  • General aptitude 

The written test is conducted online and consists of multiple-choice questions. Quite a majority of questions are based on Physics and Maths. The questions related to English and Chemistry are not that difficult and can be handled easily. It is also recommended to give attention to the preparation of general aptitude questions, as they can help you easily score good marks in the exam.

The Psychometric test is also conducted in a written format. It basically consists of 2 types of questions: 

  1. Aptitude-based

In the aptitude-based section, you will find questions related to physics, maths, logical reasoning, number reasoning, and figure reasoning. This section can make up for 30-40% of your Psychometric test.

  1. Situation-based

The situation-reaction based questions can take up to 30-70% of the total test. In this section, you will be given situations and asked how you would react in those times. They are mainly aimed at analyzing your critical thinking capabilities. These questions are designed to see how you will react in particular situations onboard.

Examples of some questions include: 

  • Do you like to go out with friends?
  • Do you focus more on the big picture and less on small details?
  • Would you do an unlawful task if your superior asks you to?

How to prepare for sponsorship exams for Merchant Navy?

As discussed above, the Merchant Navy sponsorship exams consist of 4 parts: Written test, Psychometric test, Interview, and Medical test. Each of these sections needs to be cleared in order to get a sponsorship. 

You can either prepare for these tests with the help of online materials like YouTube videos, or you can contact an institute dealing specially with preparatory classes for Merchant Navy exams. 

We, at Rife Consultancy, run online classes, where you will be prepared to appear for Merchant Navy sponsorship exams. There will be detailed classes for each subject covering Marine Knowledge, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, General Aptitude, and Psychometric tests. We also prepare you to clear your Interview and assist with your medicals. 

These video classes are pre-recorded which makes them easy for you to refer to at any time and learn at your pace. The topics are explained by expert marine officers having years of experience in the marine field. The topics are broken down into small sub-topics, so that you can learn and grasp them easily. 

To know more, contact us at +91 8160370087 or learn more here.

How to get admission in a sponsored Merchant Navy college?

If you are a 12th PCM student and looking to get admission in a sponsored college for a course like DNS, BSc in Nautical Science, or B.Tech in Marine Engineering, then the first step is to appear for IMU-CET exams. After clearing it, you need to appear for the Merchant Navy sponsorship exams of the selected college. Clearing it will secure both your admission and placement.

If you are joining G.P. rating or any other course, you need to appear for the Merchant Navy sponsorship exams of the selected college. IMU-CET is not required for G.P. Rating, CCMC, ETO, and GME courses. 

List of sponsored Merchant Navy colleges in India

There are several colleges owned by shipping companies. Some of them are:

  • Fleet Ocean Maritime Academy (Foma), Maharashtra

Pune, Maharashtra

  • Center for Ocean and Coastal Studies, University of Madras

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering

Kolkata, West Bengal

  • International Maritime Training Center (IMTC), Maharashtra

Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Andhra

  • Academy of Maritime Management Education and Training

New Delhi, Delhi NCR

  • Tolani Maritime Institute, Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • International Maritime Institute

Greater Noida, Delhi

  • Institute for Ocean Management

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • Shirdi Sai Nautical Science Academy

Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Noida International University, School Of Shipping and Logistics

Greater Noida, Delhi NCR

  • Coimbatore Marine College

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

  • Vels Academy of Maritime Studies, Tamil Nadu

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • Indian Naval Academy


  • AMET University

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • Vel’s Academy of Maritime Studies

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

  • PSN College Of Engineering and Technology

Tamil Nadu

  • Sairam Shipping Science Institute

Tamil Nadu

  • Academy of Maritime Management Education and Training

New Delhi, Delhi NCR

  • Samudra Institute

Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • TS chanakya/IMU Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra 

List of companies conducting Merchant Navy sponsorship exams in India

There are quite a few companies in India that conduct Merchant Navy sponsorship exams. Some of them are listed below:

  • Anglo-Eastern
  • Scorpio tankers
  • Synergy Maritime
  • Fleet management
  • Torm tankers
  • WSM
  • Wallem
  • SCI (Shipping Corporation of India)
  • ESM (Executive Ship Management)
  • Great Eastern Shipping company
  • Mediterranean Shipping Company
  • Maersk line

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To sum up,

If you wish to appear for the Merchant Navy sponsorship exams of any of the above companies but don’t know how to prepare for them, we’re here to help! With our preparatory course, you will be ready to clear the written tests, psychometric tests, as well as the interview. Contact us today to know more!