Marine Knowledge Course

Marine Knowledge is a course curated to provide information about the basics of marine industry. It is a short and easy-to-learn course that’ll help you prepare for the sponsorship and entrance exams of renowned shipping companies and courses and kick-start your career in the Merchant Navy.

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Program Overview:

2.5 hours of crisp learning videos
Learn from competent coaches
Support for doubt clearance
Easy to understand language
Interview FAQs explained
2 Complementary mock tests
On-tip reference PPTs for revision
In-depth course documents
Important Topics you will learn
You'll get well versed with Navigation Equipment, Shipboard Knowledge, Ranks and Departments, Communication Methods, and Maritime Organizations.
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Job Opportunity
Marine Knowledge course will help you prepare for placement for top shipping companies like MSC, Maersk, Fleet Management, Anglo-Eastern, etc.
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Who Is This Programme For?
This course is suitable for candidates who are aspiring to give Merchant Navy sponsorship or entrance examinations.
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Minimum Eligibility
Anyone looking forward to joining the industry can opt for this course as it is an important part of all Merchant Navy exams and interviews.
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The Marine Knowledge Course consists of 12 in-depth chapters, which educate you about the marine industry. You will learn about the careers available in the merchant navy, the roles and responsibilities, departments and ranks onboard, the major routes and ports of the world, and much more. This course prepares you for a significant aspect of marine sponsorship and competitive examinations.

Introduction to Marine Industry
Difference between Merchant Navy & Naval Forces
Roles and Responsibilities on-board
Governing Organizations of Marine Industry
Departments and Ranks in Merchant Navy
Career Opportunities and Eligibility
Types and Parts of Ships and Navigation Equipment
Major Ports of India and the World
Major Routes of the World
Women in Merchant Navy
Pros and Cons of Merchant Navy
Evolution of Indian Maritime Industry


Learn from leading marine faculty and industry leaders.

The Rife Advantage:

Marine Knowledge Course
Marine Knowledge Course
Marine Knowledge Course
Marine Knowledge Course
  • Sponsorship

    Whether you’re applying for sponsorship before or after completing your pre-sea training, our easy-to-learn online course will help you prepare for the sponsorship exams by leading shipping companies.

  • Career Assistance

    We believe in mentoring our students up to the point where they put their first foot onboard. Apart from course preparations, we also guide in getting admissions to the right college and preparing for interviews.

  • Learning Support

    Our role doesn’t end with providing the online course material. Rife’s instructors are available to assist you at every step of your learning path. You can reach out to us any time and we’ll be there to solve all your queries.

  • Bite-Sized Videos

    We understand that our students don’t prefer watching hour-long videos. This is why we have curated small and engaging videos that you can watch according to your convenience, without committing much time.

Programme Fee - Indian Residents

INR 999 (incl. taxes) Free
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