Cruise Ships: What Has Changed Post-Pandemic?

Covid-19 pandemic hit us suddenly and caught us unaware.

It crippled life in an unprecedented way and, in many ways, has changed our way of living forever.

On land, the covid-induced lockdowns and social distancing- terms barely heard of before, became common terminology.

Were passenger ships any different? being industry-driven and thriving on people (passengers) and interpersonal interactions, the cruise passenger industry was no different, and it took a severe hit during the pandemic.

The very foundation of the cruise industry- thousands of passengers and crew living onboard a ship in a relatively closed environment, became a reason for the rapid spread of covid.

The World Health Organization announced that more than half the known cases of covid-19 in the world outside China at the time were on the Diamond Princess.

On the one hand, cargo ships were serving as a lifeline, at the forefront of transporting essential goods and commodities across continents in the middle of the pandemic.

The pandemic may be over, yet the threat of covid exists. But like life, the show must go on.

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