Cyprus Successfully Rescues Second Vessel Carrying Over Hundreds Of Stranded Migrants

Late on Monday and relatively early on Tuesday, the authorities were able to rescue hundreds of migrants who had departed from Lebanon and had been stranded at sea in two separate incidents.

Rescue and search vessels scrambled sea and air assets to a location approximately 110 nautical miles west of the eastern side of the Mediterranean island on Monday (around evening) following the reports a vessel with over 300 individuals was in trouble.

Commercial vessels were mobilized, and the passengers were transferred safely to a Marshall Islands-flagged ship sailing in that area, Cyprus’s Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) mentioned in its statement.

Hours later, a second vessel was found to be in distress in south Cyprus, with 177 individuals onboard.

The vessel had started taking in water, and they pleaded for assistance, Andreas Zacharia, the JRCC Deputy Command, said. The migrants were escorted to the shore, he added.

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