Sponsorship in the Merchant Navy means that you have been promised by a company that upon completion of your pre-sea course you will be trained on-board their ship and provided placement

Non-sponsorship in Merchant Navy means candidates will pursuing their course from a college or institute. That doesn’t guarantee placement

“Sponsorship means a “GUARANTEE OF PROVIDING JOB” by the company to the candidate after finish their pre-sea training.”

Non-sponsored colleges only provide pre-sea training and they don’t guarantee onboard training.

Sponsored colleges are the ones where you can get admission only after obtaining a sponsorship letter from a shipping company.

Which is Better? Sponsored or Non-Sponsored Colleges?

Getting admission in a sponsored college guarantees that you get on-board training after you complete your pre-sea training.

Clearing your sponsorship exams also increases your credibility as a candidate. As you will have to appear for exams that test your ability to work in the industry.

Thus, it is always a good option to go for sponsored colleges so that you don’t have to worry about getting a job. Securing placement is a rather difficult and time-consuming process.

It is highly recommended to always join the college after getting sponsorship from a reputed company as due to recession candidates. Who are not sponsored are struggling very hard to get a job or are cheated by agents.

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