How To Apply For Cruise Ship Jobs?Career Options & Eligibility Criteria

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How to Join a Cruise Ship?

1. Apply for a Cruise Ship Job through a Recruitment Agency 2. Apply through a Concessionaire Company 3. Apply for Cruise Ship Jobs Online (on the Cruise Company’s website) 4. Apply for a Cruise Ship Job on a Cruise Job Fair

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What are the Career Options in Cruise Liners?

Most cruise liners being like mini-cities. So, there is a multitude of jobs that await you & your qualifications. Restaurants, Hotel Facilities, Leisure Center, Gym, Salon and Spa Jobs, Land Excursion Team, Deck Department, Engine Department,  Shops, Casinos, Entertainment 

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Who can Apply for Cruise Jobs?

- Be at least 21 years old. [varies by cruise line] - Hold a valid passport. Pass a medical examination by the cruise line [ENG1 or an ML5 seafarer medical fitness certificate] - Have the relevant visa or work permit - Relevant Language Requirements - Have a valid STCW Basic Safety Training (BST) Certificate

What are the eligibility criteria for getting a job on a Cruise ship?

- You should hold a minimum of 1 to 2 years of relevant experience. - There are hundreds of positions available on a cruise ship, each demanding a different skill set, qualification, and work experience.

How to apply for Cruise ship jobs without any kind of qualification or degree?

- Draw the connections between your past work and the work required on the ship, and you will get the job. But you need to articulate your transferable skills very well and connect them to the cruise job you are applying for.

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What kind of jobs are available on a Cruise  liner?

1. Marine Operations 2. Guest Service Operations

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Which are the Top 5 Cruise companies in the world?

1. Celebrity Cruises 2. Royal Caribbean International 3. Princess Cruises 4. Carnival Cruise Line 5. Holland America Line

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