How to Prepare for G.P. Rating Exam: Tips, Notes, & Sample Test Links

What is G.P. Rating Course? A Brief Overview: G.P. Rating (General Purpose Rating) is a 6-month entry-level course to join the merchant navy.  This course consists of pre-sea training. It is a residential course where you’ll be staying  and learn all the activity related to marine.

Tips to prepare for your Final G.P. Rating Course Exam: 1. Be attentive in your pre-sea training 2. Learn about equipment 3. Do your research 4. Pay close attention to geography-related topics 5. Practice past question papers

Tips to prepare for your Final G.P. Rating Course Exam: 6. Study about LSAs and FFAs 7. Have knowledge of various tools 8. Brush up your English vocabulary 9. Prepare self-notes 10. Learn about the duties you’ll be performing

G.P. Rating Exam Syllabus: – A basic grounding in the ship’s routine, its operation, legislation, and related duties – A good foundation in the principles of Safety, Accident Prevention, Pollution at Sea, Fire Fighting, and First Aid – An idea of the theory and practice of a ship’s compass and hints on steering.

G.P. Rating Exam Syllabus: – Basic knowledge of engineering, maintenance, and safe working practices – Knowledge regarding tools, equipment & instruments commonly found on board ships – Knowledge of handling Ropes, Blocks, Tackles, & Rigging

G.P. Rating Exam Preparation Notes: In order to help you prepare for the examination, we have made crisp notes of all the chapters included in the syllabus. We have put together these notes in a PDF that you can download for free

If you want sample test links for G.P. Rating Exam Preparation then click below mentioned link. You will get all the details in depth. Click Now.