Mysterious Uncrewed Vessel Washes Up in Russian-Occupied Crimea

At least one and possibly two uncrewed surface vessels have been discovered on a rocky shoreline outside the Russian Navy stronghold of Sevastopol, Crimea.

The black craft appears to be an improvised product, and it is fitted with an electro-optical camera, a laser rangefinder, and two steel protrusions on the bow which could be detonators or contactors for an explosive device.

A flat panel mounted on the stern may be a satellite antenna for a remote-control uplink, analysts suggest. The bow is marked with the characters "4 5 VZNSI."

One such device successfully hit and damaged the Royal Saudi Navy frigate Al-Madinah in 2017.   However, the craft recovered Wednesday would be the first reported appearance of such a device in the war in Ukraine.

Russian social media posts suggest that two of the unusual vessels may have been recovered from the beach. Russian Navy pulls back from Sevastopol

Russian Navy surface vessels have come under fire multiple times in the northwestern Black Sea, including the fleet flagship Moskva, which was struck and sunk by two Ukrainian anti-ship missiles in April.

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