Samsung and BASF Join Forces to Design Onboard Carbon Capture System

Samsung Heavy Industries is joining forces with Swiss chemicals giant BASF to adapt a carbon capture system for maritime use.

Together, BASF and Samsung Heavy Industries will carry out a feasibility study to look into the practicality of capturing CO2 on board ships using BASF’s technology.

The scope of the project includes a study of what it would take to marinize the system, followed by design and construction of a carbon capture unit for a stack.

SHI will handle the feasibility study for installation on merchant ships. The final product is intended to be compatible with the IMO 2030 goal of a 40 percent carbon intensity reduction.

Through cooperation with BASF, Samsung Heavy Industries has developed efficient Onboard Carbon Capture system

It will help gain a competitive advantage in a low carbon shipping market,” said Youngkyu Ahn, Head of Shipbuilding Sales Engineering at Samsung Heavy Industries.

The partnership adds to a small but growing ecosystem of carbon-capture systems for maritime use, like Value Maritime and Headway.

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