On Thursday night, a small fire started on the TOTE Maritime ship Midnight Sun, which was berthed at the Port of Tacoma.

However, the crew of the ship promptly put out the fire before the fire department could reach.

One of the two Orca-class ships that TOTE intends to convert to LNG fuel is the 2003-built M/V Midnight Sun.

Midnight Sun will undergo LNG commissioning this month with the U.S. Coast Guard, according to a trade notice update published in August on Tote Maritime's website.

"The final phase in transferring the vessel to operate on LNG" is the LNG commissioning.

It's important to note that the image below is misleading because it's simple to mistake the lights for flames.

The fire, according to a TOTE representative, was "minor" and included vendor equipment on the front deck. Personnel casualties or damage to the ship were not recorded.

The Tacoma Fire Department was informed, they arrived, but they soon left. No cargo is carried aboard either.

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